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In the field of food research and development, the Food Control group has been focusing on the development of vegan and dietary comfort products for the last fifteen years.

With the help of our innovative controlling and management systems, we also focused on the supervision, inspection and auditing of food preparation in order to serve the markets with exceptionally high quality food.

Because we believe we can make the
world a better place with our meals!

We believe that reducing meat consumption (flexitarian nutrition) is good for health and environment. People have realized the need for a sustainable lifestyle and there is a growing demand for products that make it possible.

Creaveg products serve this change. We believe that in restaurants, not just two or three types of food, but an entire menu can be realized using Creaveg.

Creaveg will be present not only in the everyday life of food and catering professionals, but also in households. We create a balance in our diet, ourselves and our environment!

Why Creaveg?

  • Made in Europe
  • Made from the best pea- and bean protein
  • Quality control: from the fields to the tables
  • You can make all kinds of delicious dishes with it
  • Perfectly meat-like texture
  • Protein rich
  • Contains all the essential amino acids
  • Healthy and eco-conscious

Create the perfect vegan food by yourself!

Creaveg provides an opportunity to implement a varied diet. It is easy to use and requires no expertise or special technology.

Although the amount of seasoning differs from that usual for meat dishes, it is also inspiring for master chefs and, of course, experimental home cooks.

With this product line, we want to support moderate meat consumption and, of course, respecting those who choose the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, we have primarily set ourselves the vision of making conscious reductionist meat consumption globally.

The personally measurable ecological footprint can thus let the resources of nature breathe, giving them the opportunity to regenerate.

It’s entirely vegetable protein, i.e. vegan meat

The Creaveg product line is a so-called meat replacement protein source made entirely of 100% natural plant protein.

With its high protein content and perfect amino acid composition, meat-like meals can be prepared without compromise, while the consumption of animal meats from the intensive food industry can be reduced proportionately.

Thanks to the meat-like textures, certain types of food can be prepared almost to the same extent, from fried meat to international gastronomic specialties.

By continually expanding the palette of these meat structures or meat tissues, called textures, we provide an ever-widening palette for reproducing each type of meat dish with Creaveg.

100% Environment friendly components

100% Gluten and Soy free

Food Controlled Healty Veganmeat